събота, 13 ноември 2010 г.

How is possible Meshing in Second Life?

More information about the new Mesh Import functionality can see the wiki page of SL:http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh 
First 4 steps to do this:

  1. Download the mesh project viewer:http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2010/10/13/mesh-import-open-beta-starts-today
  2. Enable your account on  Aditi grid.
  3. Connect to an appropriate mesh-enabled region. Only in sim: Mesh city 1,2,3. its possible do this.
  4. Use  ones of  the most popular programs with you can makes .dae files its:Autodesk 3ds Max; Maya ; Blender; Goggle SkethUp.  

With Best Wishes!
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петък, 8 октомври 2010 г.

Second life Mesh Open Beta Begins on October 13th

 We waiting this - 4 days left:

Mesh Open Beta Begins on October 13th

Posted by Jack Linden on Sep 28, 2010 11:56:20 AM

Following on from my previous post, I am delighted to announce that we will begin the Mesh Open Beta on Wednesday, October 13th, allowing all Residents to experiment with our new mesh upload fuctionality. We’re extremely excited about this project; here is what to expect from the beta program:
On October 13th, you will find a new “Mesh Project Viewer” on the Downloads page, which will be available for any Resident to download. This Viewer cannot connect you to the main grid; instead, it will take you to a development grid (called Aditi) where mesh has been enabled. After you download the Mesh Project Viewer and log in to Aditi, you can then experiment with mesh without impacting your regular SL account. The mesh features should be fully functional, so you’ll be able to upload mesh files, define their physical shape, apply them to objects, and link multiple mesh objects together.
Some aspects of mesh are complex, but don’t worry -- we will also provide documentation explaining how to get started with mesh, along with some simple examples to get you started.
The main purpose of the beta is to have as many folks trying out the technology as we can, so that we can improve the quality and iron out any issues early. I’ll blog again on our progress shortly and will also let you know how best to file bugs or give us other feedback. We are still actively working on the user interface for mesh, so you should expect this to look a little rough for a while as we polish it up and make changes based on your feedback.
So, if you’re someone who is comfortable trying out beta software, and you’re interested in creating mesh objects in Second Life -- a whole new level of creativity -- please do put October 13th in your diary!  The more involved you get, the better it will be!